About Wire Chair Turkey

As WCT company, we have been producing our value added first quality wire chairs for both garden & indoor facility  purposes with high quality and also we implement powder coating process on our materials along with our wire casting process since our establishment in 1998 in Turkey.

Currently we are supplying our materials to whole domestic market of Turkey  including some of the highest brands and we would like to extend our business leg by making export sales overseas as well.

We have high & well equipped professional crew and capacity to serve our esteemed customers demand with all angle for sure.

“Wire Chair Turkey” is our export  brand name, it is a Sub brand mutual company  and powered by a company of Öncü Tozboya which is our mother company also located in Turkey /İstanbul.

Our Mission

We would like to create value for our clients
by serving high quality and value added materials.

Our Vision

We would like to meet the expectations of our clients, to grow in the international markets, to develop global culture by creating innovative solutions through our experience and knowledge.

Why Wire Chair?

Just because of its shape, compactness  and contemporary way of elegance, a wire chair  it is the main concern of the modern cultures point of view. Especially people who are using our chairs in bars , cafes and restaurants are very happy  and satisfied with its shape and kindness and also relaxing type. Also we have so many individual customers who are using our  value added products with a first quality , are very happy and gives us a perfect, successful feedbacks that encourage us for not only maintain our local market business , but also  extend and invest in our sales overseas as well. 

Especially in Europe and Middle East there has been so many demands to our value added first quality pdoducst which enables us to make our business overseas. 

Even we have so many different models of chairs , wire chair is the top seller and  our main runner material so we would like to make an export  business over this material which we trust much with our succesfull feedbacks and projects on Turkey for 22 years.

Production Process - Our Services

Our services be like;

  • Wire chair production by producing fully automated machines with a professional competent crew.
  • Wires steel rolling  for our value added modern chairs.
  • Powder Coating process, all process implemented by ourselves.

- All materials are certified and with a high quality. -

Our Policy

  • Being transparent , concious to the environment, active and productive.
  • Adding value to development.
  • Being innovative by creating useful solutions.

Contact Informations

Working Hours

  • Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 19:00
  • Sat: 09:00 - 19:00
  • Sun: Closed
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