Product general information : 

  • With powder coating on it, the material itself is a very strong in all weather and environmental conditions with its long lasting shape.
  • Very strong metal wires are used in a skeleton of a chair.
  • Seating parts are made of sponge filling cushions.
  • Seating and back side skeleton is made of one single wired tressed construction.
  • Seating cushion is being produced by flooring black leather. (100% polyster)

Product dimensions :

  • Sizes : 45 x37 cm 
  • Arm width : 58 cm
  • Wood specie : Beech
  • Height : 80 cm 
  • Sitting height : 45 cm 
  • Weight / Piece : 8 kgs. 

[ All colors can be made. ]

User manual and caring instructions :

  • All screw and loaves has to be installed strongly before using the chair.
  • You should not stand up on a chair.
  • The chair should not used for multiple purposes such as a ladder or some certain activities like these other than sitting on it.
  • Incase of a defect in parts of a chair, please do not use any other spare part to fix it unless the producer plants confirmation.
  • There might be serious accidents if these warning instructions are underestimated by a customer.
  • During cleaning process please do not use bleacher, whitening chemicals or wire brush on a chair.
  • Incase of scar on a chair, please try to make an urgent cleaning.


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